Our Lending as a Service platform delivers a superior customer experience each time

“ A digital lending platform built for the digital world “

Business Loans

ezbob has revolutionized the business lending process. Now your bank can seamlessly cater to both your large and small business customers using ezbob’s Business Loan platform. Fast and Simple Online Application Both existing and new bank customers can apply for a business loan online with zero paperwork and receive an instant funding decision. Customer Experience Customer experience is at the heart of our product. Now your customers can enjoy a superior customer experience when applying for funding. They can apply for a business loan online in under 10 minutes and receive a decision instantly. Cost Savings ezbob’s system can save your organization up to 80% of the costs associated with business lending. Using our Straight Through Processing Technology, we save your organization time and money. Now you can cater to both large and small customers on the same digital lending platform.